July 30, 2011

Run 1794 -30 July 2011

Run-site: Melawati /Kemansah
Hare: OnSec Kojak (as volunteer replacement for a no hare day !)
Co-Hares: mystery co hares with hair
Scribe: Maureen Tong
Comic: Jade Robinson (swap with Wolfgang)

Updated Directions

GPS 3d 13'13.04"N / 101d 45'21.97"E
[A]- Find your way to middle ring road (MRR2)

[B]- if coming from southeast, Ampang area, follow Duke Highway indications below.

[C]- if coming from northwest, Kepong, Batu Caves , jln Kuching, bear left at Melawati exit and turn left, then proceed as [E] below

[D]- If taking the Duke Highway (advisable for most coming from Bangsar)
-go all the way towards Ampang. Take Exit 3308 A to the left towards Ulu Kelang, Taman Melawati, Kuantan. Set trip meter to zero as you enter MRR2.
- at 3.7km bear left on ramp to Taman Permata, Taman Melawati and proceed as [E] below

[E]- at 3.9km turn right at traffic light (join here if coming from Batu Caves but you are turning left from MRR2), go under flyover and straight into Jalan Taman Melawati.
-at 4.9km, at 3rd set of traffic light, turn right on Jln Melawati 5 (school on your right before you turn) [note: If no traffic you can also make a U-turn 50 m after 2nd set of traffic light in front of school, drive back 200metres and turn directly left into Jalan Melawati 6 after the school which is now to your left]
-at 5.1km take right at T junction
-at 5.6km turn left into Jln Melawati 6
-Drive about 1km and park in neat rows in open area close to hashmobile : silver X-Trail 9319

The runsite is very open - bring your own shade/umbrella if you wish to keep your alabaster complexion. Run will be under the shade of jungle trees most of the time so you can ditch your umbrella for the run ; although it can be useful against tigers and horny Dutchmen ! There will be 2 runs - a normal run and a longer one. Part of the run may use shredded paper to avoid site workers or residents picking it up. DO NOT STEAL DURIANS !

On On

at Tiam Fatt in Melawati
- take jln Melawati 6 from the runsite all the way to main crossroad at end of jln Melawati 6 (about 1.2km). Turn left and turn right after 200m (in fact crossing the road).
- Turn immediately left again in what looks like a parking lot. Keep on driving following the curve to the right for another 200meters. Turn right in jln Bandar 2 and park at end. Tiam Fatt is at the end or the parking to the left. (you can also drive 100m more and enter from the next lane, jln Bandar 1, but parking there is usually busier, Tiam Fatt at end of parking to the right).

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