September 10, 2011

Run 1800 - 10 September 2011

Run-site: Janda Baik (virgin run site)
Hare: Raymond Lai
Co-Hares: Mystery cohares
Scribe: Pom
Comic: Win Chew


Check it out ! If you are bored with Ulu Yam area (about 90% of the runs are up north), or sick of traveling to Semenyih/Ulu Langat area(about 5% are down south), this run site may be worth your time and effort (says the hare!). No climbing, right, Raymond??

1. Find your way to Karak Highway and head towards Kuantan.
2. Keep LEFT after the tunnel, look for turnoff signpost Janda Baik/Genting Sempah.
3. Set "0" tripmeter at round-about behind MacDonald's at Genting Sempah R & R. (Maybe a 1st Hash sign there)
4. Turn LEFT, 9 O'clock. Towards Bentong/Janda Baik.
5. At +-4.4 km, turn RIGHT at T-junction, pass under an arch. Look for ELEKTRISOLA sign (2nd Hash sign)
Note: *This is the T-junction you have to turn RIGHT from the run site for the On-on.
6. At +-7.0 km, T-junction, go straight. (3rd Hash sign)
7. At +-11.0 km, keep RIGHT. ILMU at right (4th Hash sign)
8. At +-11.9 km, turn RIGHT before bridge (5th Hash sign)
9. At +- 12.4 km, T=junction, go straight. (6th Hash sign)
10. At +-14.8 km, park carefully and tightly, very narrow laterite road, keep to one side only.
HashCar: Red Toyota Corolla (a dilapidated old clunker deemed an old and faithful car)

On On:

Garden View Restaurant, Bukit Tinggi (hares promises lots of fresh veggies and kampong chicken):
1. 0 your tripmeter. Drive back to Bentong Road.
2. At +- 10.0 km, Pass under the arch, turn RIGHT at *T-junction towards Bentong.
3.(+-50m) Immediately, turn LEFT towards Bukit Tinggi, look for signpost.
4. (+-100m), turn LEFT at T-junction in front of police station.
5. (+-300m), passing row of restaurants on your left. Turn RIGHT at T-junction.
6. (+-800m), look for Garden View Restaurant on your RIGHT. Ample parking space.

On-on cost is very affordable; with fresh water fish without muddy taste, kampong chicken, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. highly recommended by Raymond.

To return to KL, turn RIGHT coming out from Garden View's car park, +-200m turn LEFT to Karak Highway.

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