October 15, 2011

Run 1805 - 15 October 2011

Run-site: Road from Ulu Yam to Genting
Hare: Peirs Poh
Co-Hares: Co-Hares Services Unlimited
Scribe: Allie Lee Wai Kuan
Comic: Mike Rickard

note: we have been notified of incidents with cars skidding off the road on the dam road from selayang to ulu yam. A few km before Ulu Yam, in curves close to the location where people are taking water from the pipes. Apparently diesel or another slippery substance is poured on the road in curves by unsavory tow truck operators causing cars to skid off the paved road and are "miraculously" rescued by a passing tow truck later for a good fee. It has happened to 3 hashers over last 2 years. Be careful in the curves, especially when road is wet.


use whatever route you prefer to Ulu Yam or the alternative route below to/via Batu Dam [as suggested by the hare]
From Duke Highway spur towards Kuantan take exit 3310A (Gombak, Petaling Jaya)
Turn left and keep in left hand lane up ramp signed Sri Gombak.
At traffic lights set tripometer to 0km, turn right
0.4km straight at traffic lights
1.6km straight at traffic light
2.0km straight at traffic light
2.5km turn right (between telephone boxes and just before 10 storey flats on right hand side) onto rough road with potholes
3.0km (just after sharp left bend) turn right onto Jalan Manggis
3.2km turn left on Jalan Manggis
4.8km turn right onto Batu Dam Road [this is where you join is you pass by the big mosque in Selayang]
27.0km over bridge and turn left into Ulu Yam (signed Genting)
27.9km turn right (signed Genting)
30.0km (Lucky Like Restaurant) turn right (Signed Genting) [this is where you join if you come from Batu Kali]
35.0km (just before Milestone Genting 25km, and start of crash barriers on side of road) turn left into runsite. (This is the runsite under the palm trees not the old nursery)


at Lucky Like Restaurant.

Note: Mozzie repellent is recommended by the hare.

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