November 05, 2011

Run 1808 - 05 November 2011

Run-site: Pangsun
Hare: Hiranya Belgrave (Kung)
Co-Hares: John Belgrave
Scribe: Peter Cann
Comic: Jade Robinson

the beautiful jungle of Pangsun


GPS coordinates: N 03deg, 12.666' , E 101deg, 51.750'

From PJ and KL, make your way to Cheras expressway heading towards Kajang. Make sure Phoenix Plaza is on your right as you head towards the first toll. At toll, pay up and '0' trip meter. About 300m after the toll turn LEFT to Ulu Langat and Pekan Batu 9. Do not use the left lane on the slip road that forces you to make a sharp left turn. Drive through the village and at traffic lights at the police station and turn LEFT.

Stay on this road passing mosque on the left at about 8.8km. Go straight at traffic light heading towards Pangsun. At 16km pass thru small village of Pekan Batu 18 while still going straight. About 22km watch for Hash signs as parking may be different depending on site conditions on the day. At press time direction is to turn left at 22.1 km and go up the steep hill to the 'BIG' parking on left. (Left turn is approx 13km from Ulu Langat, watch for Hash sign.)

From Ampang, Kepong, SierraMas, Melawati, etc, go over the hill from Ampang town to Pekan batu 14 and turn left on main road towards Pangsun. Drive 13.3km and park as above.

On On:

Thai Fish Farm Restaurant
The On-On will be at the Thai Fish Farm Restaurant on the road from Ulu Langat to Ampang.
Return to Ulu Langat from run site (approx 13km)
Turn right at the traffic lights
Zero trip meter and drive approx 2.9km. Restaurant is on the left.

Note: Be very careful driving down the access road to the restaurant : it is very steep and has no lighting.

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