January 14, 2012

Run 1818 - 14 January 2012

Run-site: Semenyih Fish Valley
Hares: Choo Nai Kong & Raymond Lai
Scribe: Tan Ay Lih
Comic: Jade Robinson

Sau Kong Run - a Prelude to Chinese New Year for PH3 !


Find your way to Semenyih town.
- Best to take the Silk Highway or the Cheras Expressway.
- At the 1st traffic light (junction to kuala klawang/jln sg lalang/nirvana memorial park) set tripmeter and turn left on B19.
- Proceed 3.2 km and turn right into Taman Sri Haneco/Fish Valley.
- Cross bridge at 3.4 km and go straight.
- At 4.0 km turn left into Fish Valley Semenyih and go slowly along track road passing fish ponds on both sides.
- At 4.5 km immediately after restaurant (on on restaurant ) turn right. go straight up small hill and look for haremobile 3366.

On On:

at the restaurant next to run site. We shall end the night with a big bang and the hare says there will be be a small surprise. [like fish on the menu??]

Posted by onsec at January 14, 2012 12:05 AM