March 11, 2012

Run 1826 - 10 March 2012

Run-site: Kuang Orang Asli Village
Hares: Victoria DeSilva & Mark Taylor
Scribe: Nan
Comic: Nick Morss

Going Native !


- Via NKVE towards Ipoh exit Sg. Buloh toll, towards Raman Putra Golf Resort
- Via Sg.Buloh road, towards Raman Putra Golf Resort
- Via Duke hwy to MRR2 to Sg.Buloh, towards Raman Putra Golf Resort

Whichever way you choose to take, head towards Sg. Buloh to Kuala Selangor/Rahman Putra Golf Resort.

1. Pass SMB aerospace warehouse (on the left), keep right, GO UP RAMP and continue towards Rahman Putra Golf Resort, you have Komples Sungai Buloh and view of oxidation ponds on the left.
2. Drive straight through 1st sets of traffic lights at cross junction and zero your speedometer here.
3. at 1.1KM drive passes Rahman Putra Golf Resort main entrance your left.
4. at 1.3KM drive passes Notting Hill at Rahman Putra on your left
5. at 1.5KM drive passes McDonalds & Petronas station on your left
6. at 1.9KM turn LEFT at traffic lights
7. at 2.4KM drive passes School on your left, road bends to the right, continue driving.
8. at 4.1KM slow down to make a RIGHT turn at cross roads traffic lights onto B25 towards Kuang, keep driving, passing Kuang Village.
9. at 7.8KM slow down to make a RIGHT turn (HHH sign posted) crossing over Railway bridge.
10. at 8.3KM make a sharp LEFT turn (HHH sign posted).
11. at 8.8KM Keep RIGHT (HHH sign posted) and drive slowly, keeping on tarmac road and follow HHH signs to run-site parking.
Hare mobile WFB 27 Maroon Ford Ranger


Restaurant Ng Kim Yap - GPS : N3 16.659 E101 30.753
140, Kg Baru Kundang
Tel: 013-3264521 / 012-6646449

- From run-site make your way back to the main road (T-junction) trip Speedo meter here and make a LEFT turn onto B25 towards Pekan Kuang / Kundang.
-At 3.7KM turn RIGHT at crossroad traffic lights with Caltex station, towards Kundang Lake.
- Drive pass Kundang Lake Golf Resort, towards New Kundang Village.
- At 9.4KM turn LEFT , sign post for Balai Polis Kundang.
- At 9.7KM, immediately after passing the Balai polis and a school, turn RIGHT.
- Restaurant Ng Kim Yap is on your RIGHT side of this road.

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