March 31, 2012

Run 1829 - 31st March 2012

Run-site: Rasa Road
Hares: John Dodgson
Co-Hare: Hugh "Ballbreaker" Murray
Scribe: Nick "Weathercock" Morss
Comic: Lim Chun Leong

The site of John's infamous swimming hash


Warning to parents of ankle (and knee) bitters. The run site is adjacent to a dual carriageway. While it is not particularly busy cars do pass at a fast pace. There are some parking places in the palm oil which could be safer but they are few and far between. Do not block the main track which is regularly used by Orchard Owners/Farmers/Palm Oil trucks/Hashers & bikes.

- Drive North up the NS Highway to Exit 118 Bukit Beruntung, exit (0.0km)and follow signs for Rasa.
- Traffic Lights (0.4km) after toll turn right.
- Traffic Lights (1.8km) by Mobile garage turn left.
- T junction (3.2km) turn right.
- T junction (4.0km) at dual carriageway turn left. Follow road past water towers and school noting availability of handy industrial units and desirable residences.
- T junction (7.8 km) at another dual carriageway turn left. Follow dual carriageway past more bijou residences for sale or rent. Arrive back into open countryside and admire the new extension to the dual carriageway.
- At the end of the dual carriageway (11.8 km) do a U turn. Run site (11.9 km) is at the entrance to the palm oil on the LHS.

Park beside the road. At N 3 26'56.1", E101 35'50.6"

- Nose in if you are an exhibitionist.
- Singaporeans and more discrete individuals nose out.

Hare mobile Black Pajero WHW 4226

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