May 12, 2012

Run 1835 - 12th May 2012

Run-site: 1km after Hutan Rekreasi Sg Lalang
Hares: Capt. Manuel aka "Dutch Oven"
Co-Hares: Remaining crew of the "Flying Dutchmen"
Scribe: Saru
Comic: Lim Chun Leong


It is the festive season in Holland (the Netherlands if you like) again, traditionally time for a Dutch Connection Run in Malaysia. This year all the useless experience of the seasoned Dutch runners has been used to find a run site that has not been invaded by PH3 for as long as your memory goes, if at all. So it will be an interesting and challenging run, but not for the fainthearted!


N03 03.983
E101 52.749
(depending on your gps device)

- use your favorite way to reach Semenyih town,
- at the traffic lights (across the mosque) set the tripmeter to 0.0 and turn left into jalan Sungai Lalang (B19)
- pass all former run sites and major graveyards, at ~km13.5 you will pass Hutan Rekreasi Sg. Lalang.
- at ~14.5 km turn right into a small dirt road and follow the hash signs
The whole journey might take ~1hr from Phoenix Plaza on a busy Saturday.

- for all arriving early, there is ample parking in the fields across a small bridge, you will enjoy the best views.
- for the ones with shaky hands or driving a road train, park at the sandy area just before the bridge.

Semenyih Fish Valley resto
- from site go back to B19 (turn left heading for Semenyih),
- after 11 km turn left, follow resto signs.

Additional advice (do not say you were not warned)
- the run has a few challenges (especially when the weather turns Dutch style) though you will be rewarded if you complete the normal or longer run. There is 'zero tolerance' for SCB and '30 min. returners': freebies are only available when you pass the checkpoint, so no haggling at the parking site or weeks later. Even return services, physical in nature, won't be accepted as we go 'Bersih' this year.
- there is a good warming up track right in the beginning; do not worry it is not higher than any Dutch mountain.
- scores of leeches have been released to feast on the Philippina runners (and thus to entertain the rest of us)
- there are horse stables and deep ponds around the parking site, pls tie up your dogs and kids

At last, enjoy the wetland scenery whilst trying some Dutch snacks and drinks, the pain will only come on Sunday.

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