July 07, 2012

Run 1843 - 7th July 2012

Run-site: Ulu Yam Chicken Farm
Hares:Helen Brookes
Co-Hares: Americans
Scribe:Matt "Wet Pussy" Stoessiger
Comic: Pang Soo Wah



Please avoid going through Rawang as the traffic is horrendous due to some "whatever" thingy that is going on.

You are strongly advised and it is highly recommended that you use the alternate route.

Alternate route to avoid Rawang Traffic Jam;

- Keep going on the North-South Expressway to Bukit Beruntung exit.
- Exit at Bukit Beruntung and turn right at the stoplight after the toll.
- Keep going straight to for approximately 10 kms. to Sungai Choh.
- Turn left at Sungai Choh stop light.
- 400 meters after Ipoh Milepost 160 turn left at the ELF sign.
- Follow hash signs on pebble/dirt road 300 to 400 meters to runsite - open & empty building.

If you pass a supermarket on your right you have gone 200 meters too far. Do a U-turn.

Hares Carriage: Big Black Beauty named/tagged WWJ 1981.

On-On to be on-site.

Posted by onsec at July 7, 2012 05:55 PM