July 14, 2012

Run 1844 - 14th July 2012

Run-site: Dengkil - Kampung Lalang
Hares: Nassar Rasool
Co-Hares: Abraham Klok
Scribe: Helen Brookes
Comic: Peter Cann


- Take Seremban Highway South. Pass Sungai Besi toll.
- Take first exit about 5km after Sungai Besi Toll towards UPM.
- Set trip meter at UPM toll plaza.
- Turn immediately left after toll at 0.1km and go towards Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.
- At 2.7km go underneath viaduct and take left lane towards Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.
- Go past IOI resort.
- Take Exit 6A at 11.0km and follow signs towards Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and Dengkil.
- Thereafter go straight and follow signs for Dengkil.
- At 22.1km go straight and follow sign for Salak Tinggi. Do not follow sign going left for Dengkil town.
- At 27.4km at traffic light turn left onto B18 towards Banggi.
- At 27.8km at traffic light turn right towards Kampung Lalang.
- At 28.5km turn right
- At28.7km turn left.
- At 29.5km go over bridge
- At 30.1km turn left into run site.

Directions to On-On.

Set trip meter at run site and turn right onto tarmac road.
At 1.4km turn right
At 1.6km turn left
At 2.3km at traffic light turn left and join main road
At 2.7km at traffic light go straight towards Dengkil
At4.5km at traffic light in Dengkil town turn right
At 4.6km immediately after traffic light turn left and park.
Dengkil Seafood Restaurant is immediately opposite of the car park.

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