October 13, 2012

Run 1857 - 13th October 2012

Run-site: New Runsite - somewhere near Karak/Bentong
Hares:Frank Wijnands
Co-Hares:Mystery co-hares in white socks
Scribe:Gary Waring
Comic: Wolfgang Druba


From KL take the Karak highway E8 and drive towards Karak.
About 42 km after the first toll in KL, arrive at the Bentong toll-gate.
Set the trip meter to zero at the Bentong toll.
14.5 km: Turn off the highway at Exit 813A sign-posted PUSPEN KARAK
When you drive down the slipway, you are in Kampung Cinta Manis.
14.8 km: at the bottom of the exit slipway turn right and go through the tunnel under the highway
Immediately after the tunnel turn right again (effectively a U-turn) and go back on the highway (E8) in the direction of KL
16.1 Km Drive slowly on the highway and keep left. At KP 75.4, exit the highway. This is not an official exit, so keep a close watch.

Climb up a steep slope branching off to the left. After 100 m at the top of the climb, follow hairpin turn right and double back, down the slope and follow the tarmac road.

17 km Cross a bridge, follow tarmac road through a Kampung. The river is on your left hand side.

The road starts to climb after you pass the kampung.

19.4 km There is a steep dirt track on the left, which leads to the run-site. Park your car along the tarmac road, however. The space at the top of the dirt track is reserved for the beer truck. We suggest not to drive down the steep dirt road , we've seen 4WDs stuck there and anyway, there is no room to park down the slope.

So you have to walk down, but then there is a reward...

...........a new hash run-site in a river!!!..........

On On:
Restaurant Garden View.
Get back on the highway and head towards KL.
At the Bentong toll, zero your trip meter
After 18km, take the exit for Bukit Tinggi and Janda Baik
Drive 100m along the parking, parallel to the highway, and you will find Garden View there.

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