January 19, 2013

Run 1871 - 19th Jan 2013

Run-site: Kampung LBJ, beyond Sepang F1 track
Hare: Angie Yoa
Co-Hares: Angie's knights - Yoong Nim Chee, Lai Yoh Min, Lye Shyong Ling
Scribe: Andy Loh
Comic: Lim Chun Leong

Background intro - Kg. LBJ is the only village/town in Malaysia named after an American President (No, its not Lingering Blow Job). In 1966, as part of an official visit to Malaysia during the height of the Vietnam War, Lyndon Baines Johnson dropped into a FELDA resettlement scheme at a kampung near KL and the Malaysian government tributed that visit by naming the place after him. For those still interested in history, this remains the first and only time that an American President set foot in Malaysia.

Go towards KLIA
Zerorize odometer at last toll booth before KLIA
5.4 km turn left towards LCCT
6.0 km go straight at roundabout towards LCCT
13.4 km turn left at traffic lights (Sepang F1 circuit on your right after turning)
16.9 km turn right at traffic lights ("Enstek" sign ahead of you)
20.7 km turn left towards Kampung LBJ and Labu
22.1 km go straight at traffic lights
24.6 km keep straight, there should be a parallel unopened road on your left.
26.5 km turn left
27.0 km go straight at roundabout
27.5km go straight at roundabout
28.7 km turn 6 o'clock (u-turn) at roundabout
29.2 km turn left with TNB substation on your left
Go in and look for hare mobile (NAT2311)

Onon at Dengkil Seafood restaurant (N 2.858268, E 101.679786):
From runsite, go back the way you came, initially:
At TNB substation, zero trip and turn left
0.7 km, go straight at roundabout
1.2 km, go straight at roundabout
1.7 km turn right
6.1 km go straight at traffic lights
7.5 km turn right onto B48
11.3 km Do NOT turn left (back towards the airport) but continue straight, northbound on the B48
26.1 km At T-junction with traffic lights, turn left onto Jalan Kajang-Dengkil (B18)
32.5 km go straight through intersection with traffic lights
33.9 km follow the B18 through a right turn and over a bridge into Dengkil town
34.5 km keep right at traffic lights. The restaurant is immediately right behind the traffic lights but parking might be easier on the left side.

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