May 25, 2013

Run 1889 - 25 May 2013

Run-site: Batang Kali Football Field at Ulu Yam Bahru
Its HUGE's birthday run !!! Maybe even a live hare run! You get to try catching Win Chew !!
Hare: Hugh "Mother Sheep" Murray We just heard he's done his back -again- trying to catch WinChew.
Co-Hares: Hugh Murray, Huge Murray, others and WinChew "Screw Ewe" Murray
Scribe: Marjolin and the Dutch
Comic: Lye Shyong Lin

Directions from the hare:
1. Leave KL on Duke Highway and Exit at Junction 3310 left towards Batu Caves, Keep left and go up ramp.
2. Set Tripmeter (0km) at traffic lights at Top of Ramp and turn right
3. 0.3km Straight at Lights
4. 1.5km Straight at Lights
5. 1.9km Straight at Lights
6. 2.7km right after flats on right
7. 2.8km right over bridge
8. 2.9km right at T-junction
9. 3.0km left at T- junction
10. 3rd right at 3.2km (school now straight in front of you)
11. 3.3km T- junction left
12. 4.4km right (now on Batu Dam Road)
13. At 26.1 km opposite fruit stalls note Restoran Sungai Indah - ON ON Venue
14. 26.2km after bridge, at T junction left into Ulu Yam Bharu
15. 27.1km right in centre of Ulu Yam (sign posted Genting)
16. 28.8km right into Palm Oil estate. Keep straight to find parking

Haremobile Grey Honda CRV WSU 6397
Bring Mossie Spray

On On at Restoran Sungai Indah - see #13 above

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