July 12, 2013

Run 1896 - 13 July 2012

Run-site: Genting Valley "Resort"
revolutionaries for Bastille Day! Note the name of the hare " Le Roy" = The King in French
Hare: Bruno LeRoy
Co-Hare: Dave "HeartBreaker" Wilson
Scribe: Dave Settergren
Comic: Lye Shyong Ling

N3 27.891 E101 40.947

Plain vanilla and easy way:

Go to Ulu Yam Bahru any way you prefer
Dam road B57 is the usual route.
In the middle of the village, turn right towards Genting Highlands on B113 and set trip meter to zero
At 2.2km, turn right towards Genting Highlands
At 4.3km, turn left towards Genting Valley
At about 5.6km, turn right into Genting valley
Cross the large concrete bridge - you are now at the run-site.

or back way for the kinky ones :

From KL proceed to Batang Kali via North-South highway + Bukit Beruntung + Sungai Choh OR via Rawang + Serandah
From Batang Kali crossroad follow signs for Genting Highlands on B113.
1. Zero at traffic light, turn into B113
2. at 1.9km traffic lights, turn left onto B114
3. at 3.4km, bear left and keep proceeding
4. at about 5 km, turn left into Genting Valley abandoned estate
5. at 5.3 km, cross concrete bridge and park

On-On. Let's hear it from the hare at the runsite !

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