July 28, 2013

GPS coordinates

With many types of handheld GPS and car GPS on the market, some of you have had to grapple with different coordinates formats. A quick crash course is needed for those who are still baffled.
N = North of equator = Latitude and E = East of the 0 Meridian at Greenwich (UK)= Longitude. In Malaysia we are always N and E.
There are several ways to display coordinates. Nowadays GPS will give you GPS coordinates such as N3 37.891 ; E101. 40.497 (degree + decimal minute) for the 13 July run site. We mostly use this format at Hash when hares give us the right ones.
The classic way (maps) was to use DMS (degree, minute, second) coordinates: something that, for same location as above looks like this N 3d, 27', 53"; E 101d, 40', 29".
The other new way coordinates can be entered is by DD (Decimal Degree) and looks like this : N 3.46485 ; E 101.67495.

As you can see all number are somewhat different for same location. Don't mix them up. Learn to recognize them, use appropriately and enter information properly in your GPS, and this also includes in google earth, which can be customized to display & accept various coordinate formats.

Converters exist as apps for smartphones or on internet sites. OnON

Posted by onsec at July 28, 2013 12:00 AM