September 14, 2013

Run 1905 -14 September 2013

Run-site: Pangsun
rain forest & jungle run. Tall jungle trees, bamboo, rattan, rivers, wild grass meadows, butterflies, tapir tracks, wild boars, shiggy piggy trails, howling gibbons and if you are lucky, a few other wiggly wild creatures. If you like the outdoors and the elements, you will love it. If you prefer Starbucks : stay put !
Hare: Mynne "Different Planet" Tan
Co-Hares: Kojak "master of Pangsun", "Tongkat Ali" Ah Wan, Peter Cann
Scribe: Isacc
Comic: Wolfgang


GPS: N3 12.667 E101 51.756
From PJ and KL, make your way to Cheras expressway heading towards Kajang. Make sure partially renovated Phoenix Plaza (now a new name) is on your right as you head towards the first toll. At toll, pay up and '0' trip meter. About 300m after the toll turn LEFT to Ulu Langat and Pekan Batu 9. Do not use the extreme left lane on the slip road that forces you to make a sharp left turn. Drive through the village and at traffic lights at the police station turn LEFT.

Stay on this road (B52) passing mosque on the left at about 8.8km. Go straight at traffic light heading towards Pangsun. At 16km pass thru small village of Pekan Batu 18 while still going straight. About 22km watch for Hash signs. Turn left at 22.1 km and go up the steep hill to the "BIG" parking on left. Park by hash-mobile silver X-Trail WLM 9319.

From Ampang, Kepong, SierraMas, Melawati, take MRR2, find your way to Jalan Ampang going east towards Bukit Belacan, turn right on Jalan Taman Putra, follow the road and go over the hill from Ampang towards Ulu Langat Pekan batu 14. Turn left on main road (B 52) at mosque towards Pangsun. Drive 13km, turn left and park as above.

As it is closest run to the Chinese mid autumn festival - bring lanterns and mooncakes to share !

On On : Fish Farm Thai Restaurant between Ulu Langat and Ampang on B62.
GPS of entrance - N3 7.989, E101 48.343

From run site, set trip meter to 0, make your way back to Ulu Langat, at 13km turn right at traffic light / mosque towards Ampang. At 16km (3km after Ulu Langat junction) entrance to restaurant is on the left, then drive on the cement road all the way down to the ponds. If you get to the look out point, you have gone too far.

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