September 06, 2013

Run 1904 - 07 September 2013

Run-site: Kemansah & behind Zoo Negara
beyond the quartz ridge
Hare: Isacc " Dark Chocolate" Packianathan
Co-Hare: Father Abraham
Scribe: David Wee
Comic: Maria

GPS: N 03 13.173 ; E 101 46.053
a) Find your way to middle ring road (MRR2) and head towards Taman Melawati
then Zoo Negara
b) If coming from southeast, Ampang area, follow Duke Highway indications
c) If coming from northwest, Kepong, Batu Caves , jln Kuching, head towards Taman Melawati and then Zoo Negara.
d) If taking the Duke Highway (advisable for most coming from Bangsar) - go all the way towards Ampang. Take Exit 3308 A to the left towards Ulu Kelang, Taman Melawati, Kuantan. Set trip meter to zero as you enter MRR2.
e) At 3.7km bear left on ramp to Taman Permata and make U-turn below ramp. Drive for about 300m and Zoo Negara is on left.
f) At Zoo Negara set trip meter to zero. Drive on Jln Taman Zooview (take it easy, can be a bit slow with zoo visitors trying to find parking) and after 900m turn left onto Jalan 1 and go over bridge. After 180m turn left into Jalan 3. Drive for 90m turn right into Jalan 5. Drive for 400m and Jln 5 will merge into Jalan L5. Drive 450m along Jalan L5 and turn right into unnamed road. Drive for another 500m on new road and park on edge of road leaving enough room for trucks.

Alternative (for those who can't read the above and those who don't want to go through the Zoo parking crawl )
- Head towards Taman Melawati (close to Zoo Negara)
- Zero trip meter at traffic lights at Taman Melawati junction underpass
- Take the turn into Taman Melawati, that is going left if coming from the direction of Bt Caves, and going right if coming from Ampang
- 0.1 km, this is the first traffic light .
- Pass through this traffic light and notice BHP on your left and schools on your right.
- 0.8km turn right at traffic light
- 1.0km turn right at T junction
- 1.5km turn left at T junction
- 1.7km turn right and follow Jalan J8
- 2.4km turn left (note small mosque on your right)
- 2.9km turn right to Jalan Tiara Kemensah 3, Follow this road until see Hash cars. Park on edge of road leaving enough room for trucks.

On On at Tiam Fatt in Melawati
Get back on to Jalan L5 and drive for 530m. Just after passing the blue zinc fence turn right into Jalan L1. Drive for 350m on Jalan L1 and the road will swing right and merge into Jalan J8. Drive for 300m on J8 and at T-junction turn left into Jln Melawati 6. Drive for 550m and with BHP & Caltex station in front slip left into Jln Taman Melawati. Go to the right lane. Drive 180m and turn right into Jln Bandar with what looks like a big fenced lot on left. After 56m turn left at DEENs curry house onto Jln Bandar Melawati. After 140m turn right and then immediately right again and park. Restaurant is at left, at the T junction of 2 building blocks.

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