September 21, 2013

Run 1906 - 21 September 2013

Run site : Kuala Kubu Bahru (KKB) Railway Station
new run site! "virgin" area!
Hare: Ilona Russell
Co-hares : Patrick Russell, Carlo Pangrazio

Directions to the promised land:
And yea! the hares spake thus unto the multitude, saying
Mount ye with your chattels into your chariots and head north
On the NSE unto that place which is called "Lembah Beringin"
There shall ye exit the highway, and forsaking the golf course.
Make good speed unto that place which is called "Kerling",
Whereby the ice-box was stolen by the philistines
Then turn south towards the home of the great iron horse
And a sign shall be given - and ye shall follow it, and even other signs
Unto that place which is called the "new Kuala Kubu Baru railway station"
Verily, there shall ye pass-over the bridge, and turn left into the run-site
Parking considerately along the side of the road
And leaving always untouched the space reserved in the shade for the beer wagon
And noting that there is more shade available on the laterite road than the tarmac
But your feet may get muddy if you shower here
Here end-eth the directions

1- Head North on the North/South and exit at Lembah Beringin (Exit 120) RM8.00
2- Set trip meter at toll.
3- at 0.5km- Turn Left heading towards Lembah Beringin Golf Club (LBGC)
4- at 0.8km - Pass 1st guard house
5- at 2.2km - Turn Right (signposted LBGC)
6- at 3.1km - Pass entrance of LBGC, keep straight
7- at 4.1km - Follow road sharp Left
8- at 5.8km - Pass 2nd guard house
9 - at 8.7km - Awas! - Sharp Right turn
10 - at 9.5km -At T-junction, turn Left towards Kerling, Kuala Kubu Baru, etc
11 - at 13.1km - Police station on left
12- at 13.4km - at junction, turn Right onto Route 1 - heading towards Kuala Kubu Baru
13 - at 19.6km - At traffic lights, turn Right to Stesen KTM KKB
14 - Proceed pass the station (left) and over the bridge.
15 - at 20.0km - Turn Left at T-junction and park alongside road

Allow at least 1 hr 15 mins from KL, a bit more if you are in traffic prone areas.

Others- For those making their own way (e.g. via Bukit Beruntung exit and Rasa) on Route 1 from KL / Rawang: at traffic lights at KKB, turn left and go past the Station, over the bridge and then turn left at t-junction

ON ON At Restoran Lau Kee, Kerling
From run site, go over bridge and head towards the traffic lights. Turn Left towards Kerling. Drive for about 6.6km and Restoran Lau Kee is on your right next to petrol station.

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