October 18, 2013

Run 1910 - 19 October 2013

Run site : Ladang Jasmin "Air Panas", Bundoora Estate Ulu Yam Baru
a familiar area with nice hot springs to enjoy after the run
Hare: Laurence "Mosquito" Renshaw
Co-hares : Nick "WeatherCock" Morss, Phil Feer
Scribe: Chris Boyd
Comic: Lye Shyong Ling

Directions :
GPS- N3 25.568 E101 40.828

For the smarties and old timers who know their way to Ulu Yam and Bundoora Ranch, just get on with it.

For the others thre are 2 options:

A- you can find your way through Rawang and Batang Kali OR
B- take the Batu Dam route as explained below:
1- Get onto the Jalan Kuching / MRR2 Roundabout and take exit towards Kuantan/Batu Caves. Set Trip meter to 0km as you exit roundabout
* 0.2km slip off left alongside new shop houses.
* 0.4km keep right (1 o'clock)
* 0.6km left
* 0.8km right at traffic lights (mosque on right)
* 4.9km right towards Ulu Yam
* 27.4km after bridge over river turn left at T junction (you are now entering Ulu Yam)
* 28.3km turn right in centre of village (sign post Genting). Zero Trip meter.
2- at 0.3 km pass police station on left, immediately look for right turn at 0.5km, Blue Sign Bundoora Sdn Bhd & Amber stone Resort, TURN RIGHT here.
3- Drive slowly through Kampong, (many children, dogs, chickens etc playing). at about 2km look for Bundoora Sdn Bhd Sign .
4- at 2.1 km turn Left to Bundoora Sdn Bhd. Cross bridge, enter Bundoora Ranch,
5- Keep Right, follow signs to parking after the bungalow (ranch) in the Oil Palm.

If you're very early and the gate is closed, it should be unlocked.

On On: Restoran HYB, Sungai Indah, Ulu Yam - by the riverside on Jalan Sungai Tua, the road back to Batu Dam and Batu Caves.
Directions: Go back to the main road, turn left into Ulu Yam Baru, left at the T-junction in the middle of town, and then right over the bridge, following signs to Batu Caves / KL.
Restoran will appear quickly on your left, next to the river.

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