November 02, 2013

Run 1912- 02 November 2013 - JMs' RUN

Run-site: north of the witch's den - Bukit Lagong
JM's run and halloween party
Hares: JMs' Mike "Fierce Gay Boy"and BeeLeng "Brown Sugar"
Co-Hares: Ghouls, Ghosts and Witches
Scribe: Greg Dall
Comic: Pang Soo Wah

Directions for run:
Bukit Lagong
GPS: N3 15.503' - E101 38.320'
1- Take the "old" trunk road to Ipoh (highway 1) going north
2- As you pas the big Batu caves roundabout, reset trip meter to 0
3- Pass Selayang market to your right
4- after 5 km exit left towards Jalan Bidara and turn left on Jalan Bidara
5- at 5.5km take 1st road right ( if this is closed by divider, drive a few hundred meters and make a u turn, then turn left into mentioned road to Bukit Lagong.

Remember the red hot run? Now it is black and sulfurous ! Get ready to BOOGIE with ghosts, goblins and ghouls !

Have your devilish costume and scarriest make up ON for the PAAAARTY! Makan at 8:30 pm RM 20 each, Party starts right after. Live music and lots of fun !!

On On and party Backyard 2. Metropolitan Square at Damansara Perdana. GPS: N3 9.925 - E 01 36.535
1. Leave runsite and drive to exit Lagong
2. Reset trip meter as you exit and turn right on Jln Taman Bidara, drive for 2km (if divider, turn left and make a U-turn at traffic lights- reset as you pass Lagong exit)
3. At 2.1km turn right onto Lebuhraya Selayang - Kepong
4. At 6.1 turn right onto MRR2 towards Sungai Buloh
5. at 7.9km, Exit left to exit 1101 Sri Damansara
6. at 8.3km enter LDP and pay toll when needed.
7. after toll, at 11.5km take the exit toward Jalan PJU 8/1
8. Turn right onto Jalan Pju 8/1 towards damansara perdana - then take right underneath flyover.
9. Edge right onto Jalan Pju 8/1 to Damansara Perdana - do not turn left to Mutiara Damansara, go straight towards Damansara Perdana (pass banks to your right, Backyard is on RHS at end of Metropolitan square further down). Make legal U turn further down, or take your chances with any cop along the way!
10. Park at Metropolitan Square (RM2) or across the road where free.

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