December 14, 2013

Run 1918 - 14 December 2013

Run-site: Bukit Tinggi
another flat run
Hare: John Lavelle
Co-Hares: on her majesty's secret service
Scribe: Hash Flash
Comic: Pang Soo Wah

1- Take onto Karak Highway - Lebuhraya Karak towards Kuantan
2- Drive past the Genting Highland turn-off
3- Drive through the tunnel and continue straight past the service station (McD.) on the right hand side
4- After a longish (approx 4.8km) downhill stretch you will come to the Bukit Tinggi turn-off ; sign posted "Kg Bt Tinggi / Janda Baik" : come off the Karak Highway here
5- Immediately turn left at the sign to Selesa Homes (HHH sign there)
6- Continue straight for 1.1km until you come to a right hand turn sign-posted D'Hillpines (HHH sign)
7- Turn right here and continue for a further 1.2km up to the hare's car WPR7123

Note: This run is a hybrid of easy trail, medium difficulty and "somewhat tricky". To make sure that we don't lose young urchins and canines down the river, the hare will lay an "escape route" using triangular paper. This route is recommended for all hashers who don't like the sound of "somewhat tricky", but is less fun.

On On: TBA by the hare at site

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