February 08, 2014

Run 1926 - 08 February 2014

Run-site: Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB)
an Australian bushwalk
Hare: Carlo Pangrazio
Co-Hares: Daniel Pangrazio & Patrick Russell
Scribe: Katherine Jeremiah
Comic: Peter Cann

GPS: N3 33.056 E101 38.356
From KL go to Kuala Kubu Baru railway station. Fastest route described below
Those in the know can also go via Bukit Beruntung - Rasa - KKB.
Head North on the North/South and exit at Lembah Beringin (Exit 120) Set trip meter at toll.
0.5km- Turn Left heading towards Lembah Beringin Golf Club (LBGC)
0.8km- Pass 1st guard house
2.2km- Turn Right (signposted LBGC)
3.1km- Pass entrance of LBGC, keep straight
4.1km- Follow road sharp Left
5.8km- Pass 2nd guard house
8.7km- Awas! - Sharp Right turn
9.5km- At T-junction, turn Left towards Kerling, Kuala Kubu Baru, etc
13.1km- Police station on left
13.4km- at junction, turn Right onto Route 1 - heading towards Kuala Kubu Baru
19.6km- At traffic lights, turn Right to Stesen KTM KKB, Proceed pass the station (left) and over the bridge.
20.0km- Turn Left at T-junction and park approx 1km on laterite road @ beer wagon. Park carefully on side of laterite road. Plenty of shade.

* Allow at least 1 hr 15 mins from KL.
* Secret waterfall on the run
* Locals advise not using the unlit Kerling - Lembah Beringin Road at night. Advise to return to KL via Rawang / Bukit Beruntung

For those coming on Route 1 from KL / Rawang, at traffic lights at KKB, turn left and go pass the Station, over the bridge and then turn left at t-junction

On-On: provisionally New Lucky Lite, Batang Kali

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