January 25, 2014

Run 1924 - 25 January 2014 - CHINESE NEW YEAR RUN

Run-site: Dengkil, Kota Warisan.
(The run site is the future Xiamen University campus in Malaysia)
pre-CHINESE NEW YEAR RUN - Saddle your horses !
Hare: The Emperor's Mandarins : Lye Shyong Ling/Yoong Nim Chee/Lai Foo Weng
Co-Hares: other Chinese stable keepers
Scribe: Peter Cann
Comic: Pang Soo Wah

GPS: N2 49.412, E101 42.674

Take the MEX/MAJU Highway [E20] to Putrajaya till you reach the Putra Jaya toll (reset trip meter) Immediately after the toll, exit left (Exit 2005).
@ 2.9km exit to Dengkil (B11) bear towards right.
@ 3.3km follow signboard Dengkil (B15) on your left.
@ 8.1km continue straight on B15 (ignore exit to Dengkil), direction Salak Tinggi.
@13km continue straight at the traffic light.
@17.2km turn left into Kota Warisan. {follow PH3 signboard}
@18.4km turn left. {follow PH3 signboard}
@18.5km, make a U-turn into a row of shops. {follow PH3 signboard}
@ 19.1km, turn right to the run side. {follow PH3 signboard}

Two runs to earn your makan:
(1) a runner's run (please bring water. Note: In Cantonese, water means wealth)
(2) The "normal" run (Also, bring water for more wealth!)

On On: Two Two Eight (228) Seafood Restaurant, Dengkil Town.
GPS: N2 51.773, E101 40.585
Reset trip meter, Go back to the main road.
@ 1.9km turn right at the traffic light.
@6.1km turn left at the traffic light into Dengkil town.
@7.7km turn right at the traffic light. Immediately, Dengkil Seafood is on your right.
@8.3km turn right and park. (The turn is before a traffic light).

Note: Please take note - Guest/Visitor Fee is RM60.00 per person for this special celebration run which includes run, food, drinks and freebie; Guest Kids pay RM15 each (does not include freebie)

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