March 15, 2014

Run 1931 - 15 March 2014

Run-site: Bundoora estate, Ulu Yam
a familiar area with nice hot springs to enjoy after the run
Hare: Barry Sage (replacement hare)
Scribe: Russell Jones
Comic: Peter Cann

: GPS- N3 25.568 E101 40.828
For the smarties and old timers who know their way to Ulu Yam and Bundoora Ranch, just get on with it. For the others take the Batu Dam route as explained below:
1- Get onto the Jalan Kuching / MRR2 Roundabout and take exit towards Kuantan/Batu Caves. Set Trip meter to 0km as you exit roundabout
* 0.2km slip off left alongside new shop houses.
* 0.4km keep right (1 o'clock)
* 0.6km left
* 0.8km right at traffic lights (mosque on right)
* 4.9km right towards Ulu Yam
* 27.4km after bridge over river turn left at T junction (you are now entering Ulu Yam)
* 28.3km turn right in centre of village (sign post Genting). Zero Trip meter.
2- at 0.3 km pass police station on left, immediately look for right turn at 0.5km, Blue Sign Bundoora Sdn Bhd & Amber stone Resort, TURN RIGHT here.
3- Drive slowly through Kampong, (many children playing, dogs, chickens, kangaroos, tigers, barbie dolls, etc). and at about 2km look for Bundoora Sdn Bhd Sign .
4- at 2.1 km turn Left to Bundoora Sdn Bhd. Cross bridge, enter Bundoora Ranch (used to be one of Tun Mahathir favorite riding places)
5- Keep Right, follow signs to parking after the bungalow (ranch) in the oil palm estate. Do not block the road.

If you're very early and the gate is closed, it should be unlocked.

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