March 22, 2014

Run 1932 - 22 March 2014

Run-site: Bukit Beruntung
AGM and runaway GM's run
Hare: Frank "Powderballs" Wijnands
Co-Hares: Abraham, Peter, Bas and others
Scribe: Barry Sage
Comic: Maria Galindon

1. Take North South Highway
2. Exit at Bukit Beruntung
3. Turn right at traffic light
4. After 1 km, turn right at traffic light
5. Follow road and signs to runsite.

This is our yearly AGM Run. Registration for the AGM will start at 3:00pm. The AGM will start at 4:30pm, and the run will begin only after the AGM proceedings are closed. After the run we will have the ON ON on-site, with both food and beer free to all members.

A run fee of RM 80 is applicable to all GUESTS (no reduction for guests only attending the run). This includes the run, food and ON ON, but may not include any gift/freebie.
Members who are not paid up in full to 31 March 2014 will be treated as guests and will have to pay accordingly.

JUMBLE SALE at AGM site- The Haberdasher is emptying the closet. ALL MUST GO! CHEAP CHEAP!! RM 5.00 for many PH3 Tee Shirts.

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