May 10, 2014

Run 1939 - 10 May 2014

Dutch Connection Run
Run-site: Ulu Rening
new socks?
Hare: Lewie Dekker
Co hares: Men of Orange in socks
Scribe: Maria
Comic: Peter Cann

Directions:GPS: N3 28.693 E101 40.958
1) Take NKVE northwards in general direction of Ipoh/Penang/Kelantan...
2) Take FIRST exit AFTER Rawang signposted Sg Buaya/Serendah (trust me, the Rawang exit is still an effing mess)
3) Pay toll, continue.
4) First T-junction turn left (to Bkt Beruntung)
5) Second T-junction turn right (to Sg Choh/KL)
6) Third T-junction turn left. You are now back on the old trunk road to Ipoh (Sg Choh traffic lights junction).
7) Continue for about 15km (through Serendah, pass Antaragapi, pass Ulu Yam turn-off) till you reach Batang Kali.
8) Turn RIGHT at traffic lights junction in Batang Kali signposted Genting Highlands and set tripmeter.
9) Proceed for 1.9km and slip left to Ulu Rening at counting-down traffic lights with Shell station on the right.
10) Follow S-curves snaking behind dwellings over new box bridge and keep going.
11) At 3.4km slip left again, signposted Ulu Rening.
12) Follow this road (resist any temptations to turn right towards hot springs, bottling plants and whatever else you might remember)
13) at 6.8km turn LEFT onto wide open parking lot (the place is flat like Holland and has NO shade like Saudi Arabia: bring an umbrella...)

Follow PH3 signs if any.

On On : ask a Dutch or a Dut-chess. Information is obviously highly confidential and still classified.

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