January 10, 2015

Run 1974 - 10 January 2015

dennis the non-menace
Run-site:Rasa (zuhra) industrial estate
Hare : Dennis Chin
Co-hares: Siang Koo
Scribe: Hugh Murray
Comic: Robert Mulliss

GPS & directions:
GPS: GPS: N3 30.464 E101 37.240

1 ) Take whichever way you want to Batang Kali traffic light on Route 1(Old Ipoh Road). You can either take the Dam way or through Rawang/Serendah.
2 ) At traffic light set trip meter to zero.
3 ) Head North on Route 1 for 5.4 km passing the Rasa junction and the Ampang Pecah/Kuala Kubu Baru turn off.
4 ) Turn left into Persiaran Zuhrah at big red sign Rasa(Zuhrah) Industrial Estate and cross bridge over railway line.
5 ) Drive for 1.2km and turn right onto Jalan Zuhrah 3 after "Sirim Factory".
6 ) Drive for 500m and turn right onto unknown road.
7 ) Drive for another 300 m and park just before T-Junction.

ON ON: Restoran 218. Serendah
Drive back to Serendah and exit. At traffic lights at BHP petrol station reset trip meter.
At 300 meters turn right and drive for another 600 Meters. Rest is on RHS.
Note : If you reach the traffic light at Sg Choh you have gone too far.

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