February 07, 2015

Run 1978 - 07 February 2015

pre CNY- Sau Kong Run
Run-site: Bukit Jugra (Banting area)
Hare : Raymond Lai
Co-hares: Choo Nai Kong & Yoong Nim Chee
Scribe: Trudy
Comic: Maria Galindon

GPS & directions: N2 50.414, E101 25.094
this is an unusual location. consider your travel time as it may take you much longer you than usual to get there.
Start from Damansara Link Toll to NKVE, set "0" tripmeter
- at 8.8km Exit KLIA/JB to Elite
- at 25.8km Exit #606 Banting to SKVE
- at 27.6km Roundabout 12 0'clock
- at 41.6km Exit #2609 to Teluk Panglima Garang/Banting
- at 43.3km Turn Left to Banting to Route 5
- at 54.0km Go straight - at traffic lights
- at 55.5km Go over high bridge
- at 57.5km Go straight at traffic lights to B58
- at 63.7km Turn right at T-junction to B59
- at 66.8km Turn left at T-junction - at Yellow Mosque to B124
- at 68.7km Pass Viking Seafood Restaurant where On-on will be held
- at 71.2km Park responsibly at run site
Bring -and use- mossie repellent
Look out for ang-pows during the run
according to the hare : 2 runs to be set
Note this is a celebration run, guest/visitor fee is RM 60.00 per person including run, snacks, beer, drinks and freebie/giveaway; Visiting Kids pay RM15 each (does not include freebie/giveaway)

OnOn : at Viking Seafood Restaurant (see above location)
Drive 2.5 KM back towards Banting and turn right

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