April 02, 2015

Run 1986 - 4 April 2015

Run-site: Behind Kundang Lakes service area on E25, LATAR highway
Hare : Sweetness
Co-hares: nobody knows
Scribe: Liew Lee Yook
Comic: Snufflelofagus


Parking is tight so pls park with care.

2 possible ways.
GPS & directions: N03 15.352; E101 30.108
1. Get yourself on the NKVE in the direction of Ipoh, take exit 113 towards Sg. Buloh. Pay 1,90 RM at toll and set trip meter to zero.
2. At 0,1 KM take the slip road on your left towards Sg.Buloh/Kuala Selangor. Drive straight under three concrete flyovers.
3. At 2.8 KM keep to the right, GO UP THE RAMP and continue towards Rahman Putra Golf Resort, you have a view of oxidation ponds on the left.
4. at 4.0 KM drive past Rahman Putra Golf Resort main entrance on your left.
5. At 5.6 KM turn LEFT at T-junction and follow this winding road past a school.
6. at 7.9 Km go straight through traffic lights in the direction of Kundang
7. At 9.2 KM pass under flyover and continue straight. Admire Kundang lake on your left side.
8.Continue along road for 12.6km DO NOT TURN LEFT BY MOSQUE. (This parking space cannot now be used). Pass Kundang Lakes golf and country club. Pass under the Latar highway (traffic lights) then turn IMMEDIATELY LEFT before second lights down track.
9. After 200m turn left at tunnel under Latar highway. You are now behind the service area. Follow this track with a left hand bend at 600m and a right hand bend at1200m. continue over small bridge to parking site. Park carefully

Go N on NKVE to Jcn 115 and turn off on Guthrie Highway. Pay toll and zero tripmeter. You are looking for the LATAR highway towards Kuala Selangor
800m go straight towards Kuala Selangor. 1.6km keep straight. 4.6km take left lane jcn for B149 for Kampong Baru Kundang and Toll. Pay toll. (See signs for Kundang Lakes Golf and Country club.)
At 5.1 km turn right at traffic light, pass under Latar highway and IMMEDIATELY TURN LEFT down track. At 200m turn left through tunnel under the highway.
Continue for 2km to runsite. Park carefully.
On On: Heng Hin Seafood Restaurant.
No. 44A & 46A, Jalan BRP 6/11, Bukit Rahman Putra,
From runsite, go back along track to main road. Turn right by doing a u-turn at traffic lights.
Go straight, past golf course, Kampung Melayu Kundang and past lake on right and under highway. At traffic lights go straight across, along bending road, pass purple school on right until next traffic lights. (This is the reverse of the first route.)
Turn right and then after 100m turn left into Bukit Rahman Putra 6/11. Restaurant is the one with green Carlsberg sign about 100m down to your right. If you see MacDonald's and PETRONAS on your right you've gone too far and missed the turn in.!

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