May 23, 2015

Run 1993 - 23 May 2015

Venue: Raza (Zuhrah) Industrial Estate (26km drive from Rawang)
Hares:Yip Siang Koo
Co-Hares: The Ultras
Scribe: Pang Soo Wah
Comic: Dave "Maid Marion" Parks


GPS: N3 30.464 E101 37 240

- Take whichever way you want to Batang Kali traffic light on Route 1(Old Ipoh Road). You can either take the Dam way or through Rawang/Serendah.
- At traffic light set trip meter to zero.
- Head North on Route 1 for 5.4 km passing the Rasa junction and the Ampang Pecah/Kuala Kubu Baru turn off.
- Turn left into Persiaran Zuhrah at big red sign Rasa(Zuhrah) Industrial Estate and cross bridge over railway line.
- Drive for 1.2km and turn right onto Jalan Zuhrah 3 after "Sirim Factory".
- Drive for 500m and turn right onto unknown road.
- Drive for another 300 m and park just before T-Junction.

SHORT RUN(7.5km) - Follow PH3 paper all the way
LONG RUN(13 km) - Follow PH3 paper then split to Long Run with rectangular paper and then join back on PH3 paper

RESTORAN 218. Serendah
- Drive back to Serendah and exit.
- At traffic lights at BHP petrol station reset trip meter.
- At 300 meters turn right and drive for another 600 meters. Restaurant is on RHS.

Note : If you reach the traffic light at Sg Choh you have gone too far.

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