August 29, 2015

Run 2007 - 29 Aug 2015


Note: This is a special celebration run with freebies and food, etc. Guest/Visitor fee is RM 60 & Guest Kids pay RM15 with no freebie.

Venue: Kampung Sungai Buaya
Hares: Sen Soon Mun
Co-Hares: Pang Soo Wah
Scribe: Trui or Trui's assigned
Comic: Reid Cooper

Get on the North-South Expressway heading north
Exit expressway at Exit 117 (Sungai Buaya / Serendah)
0 KM at toll plaza
0.4 KM Turn right after traffic lights
2.9 KM Turn right (towards Kampung Sungai Buaya / Loji Pembersihan Air Sg Buaya)
5.2 KM Turn left (towards Loji Pembersihan Air Sg Buaya)
6.2 KM Run site to the left

Directions to a FREE and delicious dinner at Triple Round Restaurant at Bukit Beruntung

0 KM at Run site
1.0 KM Turn right
3.4 KM Turn left
5.7 KM Straight through the traffic lights (Do NOT turn left towards toll plaza)
8.6 KM Turn left at traffic lights
13.9 KM Turn left at traffic lights
14.1 KM Turn left and then immediately right. Restaurant is at the end of the block.

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