October 31, 2015

Run 2016 - 31 Oct 2015


Note: The run will start at 7 pm! BRING TORCHLIGHTS, and dress in your scariest later! Too tired to drive home after the party? You may bring your tents and camp the night there! Cops are all out to stop/bully drivers, so be careful and mindful if you are drinking and driving.

Venue: Emville (Bangi)
Hares: Phillip Feer
Co-Hares: The Ghoulies
Scribe: Donald Pharamond
Comic: Peter Cann


GPS: Emville Golf Resort Guard House: N 2 51.677 E 101 46.081

Maps Link: https://www.google.com/maps?q=2.861097,101.768046&hl=en&num=1&t=h&z=18

(WAZE will probably take you to a different location. Follow directions below and you will be fine)

- Take N-S Highway South From KL. Exit at Bangi Toll and set trip meter to 0km. - At 0.4km at Roundabout take 3 o'clock exit.
- At T junction 1.8km next to mosque turn left.
- At T junction 2.9km turn right.
- At 5.4km turn right signpost Bukit Ungul and Dengkil.
- At 7.9km turn left and keep left at roundabout.
- Drive to end of road at 12.6km and park neatly or follow Hash signs as needed.

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