November 07, 2015

Run 2017 - 07 Nov 2015

Venue: Bukit Beruntung
Hares: Loh Chong Yew
Co-Hares: Donald Pharamond & Chinese Buddies
Scribe:Phillip Feer
Comic: Reid Cooper

Note: There will be 2 runs, Normal 8km and Long 12-14km


GPS: N3 24'05'' E101 32'35''

- Head north on NKVE
- Pass Rawang turn off
- Exit 118 to Bukit Beruntung
- At toll, set trip meter to 0km
- 0.3km at traffic lights turn right
- 1.3km again at traffic lights turn right
- 4.3km turn right
- Park along road in front of empty shop-lots

On-On: Restaurant Triple Round
- Retrace to the last traffic lights and then turn right
- Pass second traffic lights to go straight
- At third traffic lights turn right, then immediately left and right again
- Restaurant is at the last lot of the row of shop-houses

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