January 23, 2016

Run 2028 - 23 Jan 2016

Chinese New Year Sau Kong Run

Note this is a celebration run, guest/visitor fee is RM 60.00 per person including run, snacks, beer, drinks and freebie/giveaway;

Visiting Kids pay RM15 each (does not include freebie/giveaway)

Venue: Cahaya SPK, Persiaran Mokhtar Dahari (otw to Puncak Alam)
Hares: Nim Chee, Lye & Lai
Co-Hares: The CNY Contingent
Scribe: Virginia Tan
Comic: Dave Parks

Google Earth coordinates 3 08'34.46" N. 101 29'58.59" E

Go to Federal Highway, pass Subang Jaya.
Trip your meter at Toll
1.4 km - Bear Left at interchange, head towards Sg. Buloh
1.7 km - Turn Right, go past 3 sets of traffic lights excluding the ones at interchange
7.4 km - Take Exit 3506 at left (Puncak Alam, Kg. Subang, Meru)
7.9 km - Turn Right at traffic lights (Kg. Subang)
8.0 km - Turn Left
9.3 km - Turn Left at traffic lights towards Puncak Alam, Meru
12.2 km - Keep Left, Go up ramp of flyover to get into Cahaya SPK
12.8 km - Turn 9 o'clock at roundabout
13.8 km - Turn 9 o'clock at roundabout and park alongside road. Avoid the other side of road as there may be lorries passing thru.

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