February 06, 2016

Run 2030 - 06 Feb 2016

Venue: Cahaya SPK dam
Hares: Helen Brooks
Co-Hares: Men of Leisure
Scribe: Aussie Beaver
Comic: Maria G.

GPS N 3.145846 E101.495200 or N3 08' 45.05" E101 29' 42.72"

Go to Federal Highway, pass Subang Jaya.
Trip your meter at Batu 3 Toll (Note all trip meter readings are approx)

1) 1.4 km - Bear Left at interchange, head towards Sg. Buloh
2) 1.7 km - Turn Right heading towards the Guthrie Corridor, go past 3 sets of traffic lights excluding the ones at interchange
3) Go through toll. You are on Guthrie Corridor Express
4) 8.8 km - Take exit 3506A at left (240m from toll)
5) Turn left onto Jalan Batu Arang
6) 11.8 km - Keep Left, Go up ramp of flyover to get into Cahaya SPK
(Follow Hash signs from this point)
7) Turn 9 o'clock at roundabout
8) Turn 9 o'clock at roundabout, go down wrong side of road. Turn right at the end of the road onto track. Pass in front of construction 'Kongsi' and proceed through to the edge of dam.

Note: You can also get to Jalan Batu Arang via Sungai Buluh or NKVE (heading Klang) to Guthrie Corridor

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