October 08, 2016

Run 2065 - 8 October 2016

Aotearoa Run

Venue: Sungai Buaya
Hare: Sharleen Cooney
Co-Hares: Maria G.
Scribe: John Mitchell
Comic: Lye S L

- Take N-S Highway North
- Exit Sungai Buaya
- Zero tripmeter at toll
- 400m @ T-junction, turn right (direction Sungai Buaya)
- 1.9km turn right
- 2.2km turn right (Jalan Kembojasari)
- 3.3km end of Jalan Kembojasari (coords: N 3.381914, E 101.542709)
- Follow dirt road for another 400m to run site and park

Restoran 218
- zero tripmeter when you get off the dirt road on to tarmac
- 900m turn left
- 1.2km turn left again
- 2.7km at traffic light, go straight in direction of Serendah
- 4.2km cross underneath N-S Highway
- 5.5km at traffic light, turn right in direction of Sg Choh, Rawang and keep going straight through a few more traffic lights'
- 8.7km at T-junction with the old highway no. 1, turn left in direction of Serendah
- 10.5km turn left
- 11.1km Restoran 218 is on your right

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