June 04, 2016

Run 2047 - 04 June 2016

Venue: Ladang Rasa
Hares: Colin Hercus
Co-Hares: Prya, Jose, Mark Taylor, Ronnie Nauer, Cliffena Ward (there's more co-hares than runners!!!!)
Scribe: Angie Yoa
Comic: Lye


N 3.488514, E 101.617770 or 3 29'18.6"N 101 37'04.0"E

Head North on NKVE and exit at Bukit Buruntung. From here you follow signs to Rasa and Kuala Kubu Baru(KKB)

At Toll reset trip meter.
350 m Head east. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Route 3208 (signs for Route 1/Serendah/Batang Kali)
1.75 km Turn left
3.25 km Turn right
4.05 Turn left
4.6 km Continue straight
17.6 km at PH3 Sign Turn left, then right and park.

If driving via Rawang and old highway turn left at Rasa and continue just over 3km until you see hash signs.

On-On Venue; Restaurant 218, Serendah

Directions to On-On Venue;

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June 11, 2016

Run 2048 - 11 June 2016

Venue: Rasa (Zurah) Industrial Estate
Hares: Jeff SK Khoo
Co-Hares: Usual Chinese Suspects
Scribe: Colin Hercus
Comic: Maria


GPS N 03 30.64633 E 101 37.14350

Note: It is 26km (32 mins drive) from Rawang

1 ) Take whichever way you want to Batang Kali traffic lights on Route 1 (Old Ipoh Road). You can either take the Dam way or through Rawang/Serendah.
2 ) At traffic lights set trip meter to zero.
3 ) Head North on Route 1 for 5.4 km passing the Rasa junction and the Ampang Pecah/Kuala Kubu Baru turn off
4 ) Turn left into Persiaran Zuhrah 1 at big red sign Rasa (Zuhrah) Industrial Estate and cross bridge over railway line and drive for 1.3 km
5 ) Turn right onto Jalan Zuhrah 3 after 'Sirim Factory' and drive for 250m
6 ) Turn left into Jalan Zuhrah 3A and drive for 230m
7 ) Turn right into Jalan Zuhrah 3A/2 and drive for 230m or further until you see Hare's car WWG9833 and park considerately

ON ON - Restoran 218 Serendah

Directions : Drive back to Serendah and exit. At traffic lights at BHP petrol station reset trip meter. At 300 meters turn right and drive for another 600
meters. Restaurant is on RHS.

Note : If you reach the traffic light at Sg Choh you have gone too far.

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June 18, 2016

Run 2049 - 18 June 2016

Venue: Villa Bestari
Hares: Isaac
Co-Hares: Abraham
Scribe: SK Khoo
Comic: Reid


GPS: Approx. N 3.256228, E 101.742446

- From the Duke Highway or Batu Caves, head towards the Karak Highway (direction Kuantan)
- Zero tripmeter at Shell+Petronas+MacDonald's, about 400m before the Gombak toll
- Exit left after passing the petrol stations, i.e. do not go through the toll
- Follow signs to Universiti Antarabangsa Islam Malaysia (UIAM)
- 2.8km Turn Right at T-junction traffic light (direction UIAM) into Jalan Sungai Pusu
- Cross over the Karak highway and continue straight through 2 traffic lights
- 4.9km Turn left into Persiaran Villa Bestari/Bistari
- 5.1 Turn right onto dirt road and park
- Look for hare's red Jeep WEC4002.

On-On: Thiam Fatt, 20 Jalan Bandar 1, Taman Melawati

GPS: N 3.209203, E 101.751222

- Zero tripmeter when turning right onto Jalan Sungai Pusu
- 1.8km Turn left and merge onto Karak Expressway E8
- 2.9 km Exit to Lingkaran Tengah 2/Route 28 direction Ampang
- 8.4 km Turn left into Jalan Taman Melawati
- 8.5 km Turn left at traffic lights and after 50m turn left again
- Follow the road through a right turn
- Park along the first or second U-shaped road on the right

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June 25, 2016

Run 2050 - 25 June 2016

Venue: KEMENSAH [behind Zoo Negara / Jalan Tiara Kemensah 3]
Hares: Cheah Cheang Sion
Co-Hares: Looi Soon Cheng/ Lim Chun Leong
Scribe: Isaac
Comic: Ronny Nauer


GPS: N3 13' 10.12", E101 46' 6.31"
Head towards Zoo Negara in Ulu Klang.
- From MRR2 take exit left onto Jalan Taman Zoo view. Zero trip meter
- 0.0km. Zoo Negara is on left. Drive on Jalan Taman Zooview
- 0.9km turn left and go over bridge onto Jalan 1
- 1.1km turn left into Jalan 3
- 1.2km turn right into Jalan 5
- Drive on Jalan 5, Bungalows will be on your right, terrace house on your left. This will take you past Al-Iman Mosque on your left
- 2.1km turn right into Jalan Tiara Kemensah 3. Follow this road until see Hash cars. Park on edge of road.
There will be a normal run and a short run. The short run is around 5km.

On-On: Tiam Fatt in Melawati
GPS: N3 12' 33.3", E101 45' 5.69"
Get back on to Jalan L5 and drive for 500m and turn right into Jalan L1, Al-Iman mosque will be on your left after the turn. Drive for 400m on Jalan L1 and the road will swing right and merge into Jalan J8. Drive for 300m on J8 and at T-junction turn left into Jalan Melawati 6. Drive for 500m and with BHP & Caltex station in front slip left into Jalan Taman Melawati. Drive 200m and at traffic lights, turn right into Jalan Bandar 3 with new commercial building under construction on left after turn. After 50m turn left onto Jalan Bandar Melawati. After 140m turn right and then immediately right again onto Jalan Bandar 2 and park. Restaurant is at the T junction of 2 building blocks.

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