January 16, 2016

Run 2027 - 16 Jan 2016

Hare: Virginia Tan
Co-Hares: Daniel Walchli & Clan Campbell
Site: Ulu Rening
Scribe: Gary Murrell

Rain for most of the way from KL via the Guthrie and the N-S highway but easing as we arrived at the run site ...however the amount of traffic on the inbound dirt track had really messed things up causing cars to be spread out over half a kilometre,
Beer truck couldn't get to his designated location because of the sloppy conditions and parked near the beginning of the road.

GM not on site as lazing away in the ICU section of the Pantai Hospital having been under the knife a couple of days earlier. Amazing the excuses some people will use to get out of doing a bit of exercise on a Saturday Get well Wobert!

Run started about 4.30 and headed into the bush with a climb up the terraces and cliffs to reach Palm and then into old Rubber. Didn't see he first check [or the second or any of them] as pack was strung out into single file caused by the narrow trail. Up and down terraces, but generally up...Then down slipping and sliding into a valley area and through an orchard. Onto a Bitumen road and into the village where the trail went clockwise for another 7km before arriving home. We in our small group consisting of Trail Blazer Hugh,his virgin guest, Candy, Gary, Ellia and Adalia accepted Hugh's wise decision of a Right turn in the village and arrived back at the run site 2.5 Kms later

Apparently, the highlight of the run was a 1.7km circular check (No.6) which had the desired effect of putting the front runners back into the pack, and the water melon / water stop at check No.8. Total length (if you didn't do the loop) was 8.7km.

On On at Lucky Light restaurant. 8 tables booked, 6 filled up.. Food at RM15 (subsidised by the hare) was good. The run was awarded a T-Shirt but because one hadn't been brought along, Frank had to temporarily give up the one he was wearing to complete the formalities.

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