August 07, 2016

Run 2054 - 23 July 2016

Venue: Rasa (Zurah) Industrial Estate
Scribe: French Connection

Hare: Eric Choong
Co-Hares: Rambo & Yip

Around 100 hashers only turned up to the Industrial Estate as many others preferred to participate the Mount Kiara Hash MKH4 (15th Rotation Run) at Hulu Langat and party with 1,000 bastards!
We knew that the run 2054 would be steep as the hare and co-hares had - more likely - arranged some good recognitions.
We also knew that the weather could be tough ... Indeed it was! At 16:20 pm, it started raining dogs and cats ... So many that our Joint Master Neil, gave us the "go" to run ... almost 5 minutes before the sacrosanct timing of 16:30 pm sharp! ... hoping that by granting us several seconds more, we would all complete the 10-km run before the darkness!
From the beginning it was slippery, muddy, rainy, slippery, muddy, rainy, slippery, muddy, rainy, etc ... A first short steep hill: still manageable! Then around 2 kms of various grounds. Going down was also challenging: Sim can confirm as she fell down and would be still blocked (head upside down) in branches if a gentleman hadn't helped her to put her feet back on the (muddy) soil. Suddenly a VERY steep and high hill (approx. 300 m climb): much less manageable upon such a weather! However, soon forgiven and forgotten, as we arrived to the top: a spectacular view on the surrounding forests and valleys ... and icing on the cake: no more rain! Perfect opportunity to take some pictures of the landscape.
For the whole run, we did appreciate the white papers stapled on leaves and branches ... obviously the hares really didn't want to search lost souls in the dark forest!
The sweepers arrive to the run site at around 19:00 pm. Hot noodles, snacks, cookies, peanuts enabled us to regain all calories we lost during this good "for hash challenge training" run.
The circle went as per usual including mosquitoes but with few charges: Hashers were hurry to deal with the 25-km drive before reaching the "on on".
Restaurant 2018 (Serendah) has kept its reputation of good food provider ... this time it was fully washed down with wines and whiskies ... We are still wondering how some hashers managed to get back home!

Posted by onsec at August 7, 2016 12:17 PM