October 10, 2015

Run 2013 - 10 Oct 2015

Scribe Report Run 2013 Saturday 10th October 2015
Hare: Nadia Mohd Noor
Co-Hare: Rambo and the other TMBT Finishers
Site: Rasa (Zuhrah) Industrial Estate
Scribe: Abraham

The haze was still visibly present again for another day. Many hashers have stayed away from the hash for the past few weeks due to the unhealthy air conditions. The number of hashers attending the run has significantly reduced from the normal number of runners. Only the hard core hashers turn up regardless of the conditions.
I left Kuala Lumpur at 3.15pm. The Jalan Duta toll held me up as usual as it was packed. The far left two lanes for the collection of a ticket were overwhelmed by lorries. I have never understood why giving out of a ticket would take so much time. It looked like as if the operation was being delayed deliberately to persuade people to buy the touch and go cards and smart tags. Even the touch and go lanes and smart tag lanes were packed. What a mayhem. After a delay of 15min I could finally get on my way. I went via Bukit Beruntung and took the short cut to Rasa wherby I entered the Rasa Industrial Estate from the opposite direction as indicated by the hash run directions. I arrived just in time before the start of the run.
A small pack of approximately 50 hashers started off on the tarmac road towards the water tower where we entered the old rubber estate. I walked with Frank and Roelof to discuss the upcoming run on 7th November. Frank had volunteered to set a run as there was a cancellation of a run. As soon as we hit a path Frank started to run. I continued walking as the trail was rather overgrown. At the end of the path there was a check. The trail continued with a back check uphill. By the time I got there the check was already broken. The trail went through a jungle section and overgrown rubber. We went up and down and followed a trail without a distinct path for quite a while. It was single filing. We only could walk at this section as there were many trips. The second check was in this rough section and was broken forward. I was with the back markers. The front pack could not be heard anymore as they were far ahead. We got finally on a foot path with lots of ferns in overgrown rubber. With a bit of effort you could push yourself into a jog. It did not last long. We got off the path and went into another patch of jungle followed by a muddy stream. At the end of the stream we had to climb over a bunch of bamboo and ended up on a wide logging trail. This was the first location where you could run. After a while I met up with the front pack who had just broken the check backwards into the river and up the hill. The trail went onto rubber terraces and lead onto a main path going onto another hill. By the time I was half way up the hill a check was called. All guessed it to be a back check. So we all turned back immediately. I was not even back down the hill or Peter Cann had called already on-on. We could run all the way downhill ending up in the river. In the river the progress was slow. I caught up with Peter who was cautiously moving along the river. There were some slippery outcrops and deep water sections which restricted us to a slow walk only. After about a kilometer in the river we came onto a path that lead straight back home. Frank was the first runner in at 1hr and 30min. Most of the runners came in within 30min. However Roelof and Peggy enjoyed the run so much that they took their time in the river. They returned at 7.30pm just before it got dark. The run was about 8km which is considered short for Rambo's standards. Thanks to the hares for setting another memorable Petaling run.

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