December 19, 2015

Run 2021 - 05 Dec 2015

Hare:Frank Wijnands
Co-Hares:Abraham Klok & Roelof Schoemaker
Site:Villa Bestari (University Islam)
Scribe: Neil C

3:00pm - bags packed, car loaded, pissing down mercilessly, so mercilessly that a call to Nan necessary to advise her to wait in the shelter of her condo entrance to be picked up. Next, on to the GM's house to collect softies, horns, lamps and... the toilet seat. The last item was considered essential in view of both the location and the hares' reputations.
4:00pm - arrive at Persiaran Villa Bestari to find not that many hashers present. Is it the weather? Is it the location? No, of course not - it's the hares' reputations! Happy to see Sunil Patel, an old PH3 member from the nineties, who wasn't so happy to see me since I had arbitrarily reassigned his nationality from Kiwi to Canadian. (He should have been happy that the reassignment was not of gender!)
4:29pm - an overzealous squeeze of the horn brings me chastisement from stand-in GM Barry for a premature 'horn' (at least it wasn't ejaculation!)
4:30pm - we're off! A small but respectable turnout, with quite a few visitors. Off the tarmac and onto the clay and gravel track. Down then up onto a level trail taking us past a pond to the right and then into a dusun, atop of which, the first check. Broken fairly quickly by Greg (well, I think it was Greg as it was his voice I heard first, although Greg is always very audible!) up and into the beluka. Continuing north before turning east and winding our way down to check no. 2 near a stream. The trail continued downstream for a short distance before turning left and up. The up, and up and along and up (memory now fails me, the body's natural defences against pain kicked in because all I remember is seeing flowers and stars.) Senses eventually returned after running beside Roger along a quite flat stretch on open ground - compacted silt from the horrendous 'development' which seems to have stalled - then another climb to another check. This was broken on the peak of an adjacent hill (by Greg, I think, because it was his voice I heard). The next I remember was running down a gentle slope to prominent signs fixed rather high on a tree signalling a split into 'short' and 'long' runs. Sim later told me that she missed the sign at first because it was so high, concluding that it must have been posted by Abraham.
Knowing the infamy of the hares, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and elected to take the 'short' route, which I correctly assumed would be a 'normal' Petaling run. It turned out that I made the correct assumption and decision! Thereafter, I enjoyed some of the most beautiful 'jungle' trails I had ever experienced, made more enjoyable by the fact that for the ensuing 45mins I was mostly on my own - peace and quiet in the cool evening mist. After the 'short' trail rejoined the 'long', there was one more final check where I caught up with the 3 'short trail' front runners. This was broken by Pang and off they went. I didn't see anyone else until I reached the beer truck at exactly 6:00pm after recording 7,4km.

Unfortunately, another appointment prevented me from going to the on-on (fortuitous perhaps, since I personally think that the Tiam Fatt in Taman Melawati is not one of the better restaurants I've encountered) so I cannot describe the proceedings there. I do know however, that the run was awarded a well-deserved T-Shirt.

A big 'Thank You' and congratulations to Frank, Abraham and Roelof.

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Run 2023 - 19 Dec 2015

Hare: Neil Campbell & Robert Mulliss
Co-Hares: Sim Campbell
Site: Rawang Industrial Estate
Scribe: Choo Nai Kwong

When I heard that it was going to be at Rawang Industrial Estate, I was rather surprised as it has been a long time since we last ran there (I think 4 years ago!) and more so it that it was a Christmas run. (Maybe the hares are getting old and tired). Traffic going there was smooth and quite a large crowd turned up. 'Circle uP' was called by Philip Feer as the GM was still laying paper in the jungle. Guests were requested to follow paper and specifically not to follow Prof. Jim as they may end up in Kajang. The run started as the heavens opened up and the first check was called off to the right along an old abandoned track. This was easily broke forward, but the noise and vibrations from the pack disturbed a nearby wasps' nest. Although many were stung, and are probably still suffering, it did produce a sudden burst of speed from some of the more leisurely runners. The second check was near the old Kuang - Rawang road. The run turned to the right and up a slope along mainly oil palm and open area. The third check was broken by David Lake who asked yours truly to check up the hill and he went down (because he was more senior). There were a 4 circulars wonderfully done that kept the pack together all the way. Prof Jim broke one of the checks to redeem himself and he said he would have a lot of followers after that. The run terrain was good and weather cool and overcast. The run length was just over 10km (just over 7km for those who avoided the circulars) and first runner in at 1hr 27mins. So no toilet seat for the hares!

All in all, a fine run in a well used run site. Only downside is the highways all around which hems in the running area but the hares wonderfully weaved the run around it. Like an old flame, this place is dependable and you can trust it to deliver the goods. As I had to leave early I cannot report on the on on. As usual it should be another wonderful makan and altogether enjoyable evening for all.

(Ed: The food at the Chin Hiong was exceptionally good: Teochew Steamed Tilapia; Beancurd with Abalone; Braised Belly Pork Pyramid with Preserved Veg; Taugeh with Salt Fish; Kankong Belachan; Yee Mee with Smoked Duck and to top it all, this was followed by Mince Pies and Christmas Fruit Cake!)

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