January 31, 2016

Run 2077 - 31 December 2016

Venue: Mont Kiara
Scribe: Keith (KGB) Burnley

Hare: Liz Mulliss
Co-Hare: Robert Mulliss

This is the scribe report for the new year's eve run that was probably on December the 31st. It shall be short and sweet, just like the run or, at least, the run that I did. We arrived at the car park which was a road that we parked on because nobody could afford the RM 300 for the actual car park. The run started and then stopped again at a bottleneck where Jimmy Legget was mumbling something about taking the other trail which was the obvious home trail. Down the hill and a sharp right for most of the pack except for those of us who just carried straight on to find the paper and a check about 500 metres farther on. I checked forwards to the end of the track so I just kept going up the hill until I found a trail with lots of bits of paper on it. By this time it was nice and quiet without hose noisy hashers shouting all around the forest. They just don't seem to repect the peace and tranquility of the forest except for Frank who respects it so much that he never makes a sound.
By 6:30 I was at the split for the short cut. I was not wearing an orange robe, I did not have a girl to hold my hand, I do not think that I am pregnant despite all the rumours, and I was not bent over using a walking stick. Therefore I must have been Lain-Lain, whatever they are, and went that way thereby arriving at the car park on the hour mark.
It seemed that the hares had not paid the Bomo because for the entire circle it rained heavily during which there were charges made which may have been real or imagined and beers drunk.
The on-on was at Robert and Liz's place with good food and plenty to drink. The M.C. Paul Kirkman then presented a few more, probably fabricated, charges which have a mandatory guilty verdict culminating in bubbly at 12 a.m. Some hardy souls visited the Backyard for an lsatone and then went home, or didn't in my case.
Thanks to Robert and Liz for a well set run and an excellent New Year's Eve afterwards.

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January 16, 2016

Run 2027 - 16 Jan 2016

Hare: Virginia Tan
Co-Hares: Daniel Walchli & Clan Campbell
Site: Ulu Rening
Scribe: Gary Murrell

Rain for most of the way from KL via the Guthrie and the N-S highway but easing as we arrived at the run site ...however the amount of traffic on the inbound dirt track had really messed things up causing cars to be spread out over half a kilometre,
Beer truck couldn't get to his designated location because of the sloppy conditions and parked near the beginning of the road.

GM not on site as lazing away in the ICU section of the Pantai Hospital having been under the knife a couple of days earlier. Amazing the excuses some people will use to get out of doing a bit of exercise on a Saturday Get well Wobert!

Run started about 4.30 and headed into the bush with a climb up the terraces and cliffs to reach Palm and then into old Rubber. Didn't see he first check [or the second or any of them] as pack was strung out into single file caused by the narrow trail. Up and down terraces, but generally up...Then down slipping and sliding into a valley area and through an orchard. Onto a Bitumen road and into the village where the trail went clockwise for another 7km before arriving home. We in our small group consisting of Trail Blazer Hugh,his virgin guest, Candy, Gary, Ellia and Adalia accepted Hugh's wise decision of a Right turn in the village and arrived back at the run site 2.5 Kms later

Apparently, the highlight of the run was a 1.7km circular check (No.6) which had the desired effect of putting the front runners back into the pack, and the water melon / water stop at check No.8. Total length (if you didn't do the loop) was 8.7km.

On On at Lucky Light restaurant. 8 tables booked, 6 filled up.. Food at RM15 (subsidised by the hare) was good. The run was awarded a T-Shirt but because one hadn't been brought along, Frank had to temporarily give up the one he was wearing to complete the formalities.

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January 09, 2016

Run 2026 - 09 Jan 2016

Hare: Gary Murrell
Co-Hares: The Murrell family
Site: Denai Alam
Scribe: Choo Nai Kwong

Traffic leading to the runsite was good and so a pretty large crowd turned up and on time too. The GM made the usual announcements for newcomers to follow. Looking back it wasn't necessary as the entire run could be seen from the beer truck. The run was clockwise and started with an interesting slope towards a newly developed housing estate. I was startled when Soh Kam Eng rushed past me and mumbled something like chasing after the girl who came in a Porsche Boxster. He wanted to ask the price and whether he could get a discount if he bought two. We crossed an open field and onto a tarmac road which wnet uphill in the direction of KL. The first check was on a track to the left, and up a bank. After realising that the only possible direction the run could go was back to the right and into beluka, we turned around only to find that most of the pack had caught up and were now in front. After negotiating a narrow trail which took us around the hill to emerge on yet another tarmac road leading to the water tank, check number two was found on the slip road off to the left. This was quickly broken but as usual, the front runners didn't bother to remove paper to the check and lay torn paper to the on trail - this was left for the trailmaster to sort out!

We then turned off the tarmac road and onto a moonscape leading down to a new housing estate and check number three. Dave Wilson broke this check at the back of some new houses and it was then a scenic run through by a small lake, over a bridge, and then on towards the familiar palm oil. I could see Ramli chatting up some girls and realised why the beers aren't so cold nowadays.

We then climbed up a steep embankment, and down the other side to check number four at the back of a very smelly cow shed. The on trail was into the palm and up the hill with the runners keeping close together. The next check was a cunning circular which had all the front runners cursing when they realised that they had climbed yet another steep hill to no avail. It was here that Yoong Nim Chee got his own back on me for failing to help him short-cut up the side of the hill. Daniel was seen at the bottom of the hill - and at almost every junction after that, obviously having a well developed sense of deja vu. At the last check apparently someone joined the PH3 paper with the Harriettes paper from earlier in the week and there was quite a bit of confusion. Thankfully most of the runners could hear Ramli talking and so managed to mooch their way back.

For the first 45 minutes it was literally open country. Mercifully, the gods were kind as the sky was overcast and everyone had just recovered from their happy New Year hangover. Apparently, the hare is afraid of creepy crawlies, flies, ghost, maggots etc and that was why the run was structured around the runsite, and with minimum forest cover. The On On was at Thiam Fatt which was new to me and the food was pretty OK. There were 6 tables and the usual charges were laid and the GM made some announcements which I couldn't make out as everyone was talking at the same time. The run was judged a terima kasih run which sounds very foreign to me. Maybe it is a new category to signify that it is none of the others.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening with thanks to the hares.

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January 02, 2016

Run 2025 - 02 Jan 2016

By Edward Clayton

Jimmy was perched on a wall 100 metres before the beer wagon repeating the same joke to everyone who came in "Best run of the year!" Which of course it was, being the very first.

Let's start with the facts: relatively cool day (32 degrees C, some cloud cover) and no rain before and during the run or at the circle, although a few spots made themselves felt around the time on-on started.

Hares were Choo Nai Kwong and his team. When asked after the run why they had selected the runsite, they couldn't give a coherent answer. Probably due to imbibing too many beers whilst waiting for the pack to return. However it was a very nice runsite with a rest-house, a lake and ample parking around the lake and just in front of the site which was approached along a 2km gravel road with fishing ponds and other relaxation options along the way.

The run unusually started 4 minutes late due to singing a "Terimah Kasih" song to the site owner and presenting him with some beer in thanks for letting us use the site. So the latecomers had a better chance of catching up. The run start up a hill, and the first check was within 500 metres - a back check. Those who were diligent and went up the hill to the check had the whiffy experience of coming across a decaying wild boar carcase (we think - was pretty decayed). Back down the hill and across a stream which had a slipped down and up slope. At this stage there were rumours that Rambo set the run but he denied all knowledge, being in the middle of the pack.

Hash flash had some issues emerging from the stream due to one hand being occupied with his large camera. However he refused all help and somehow managed to climb the slope.

At the 1km mark the pack was heading along a single file path through an orchard, which quickly turned into mosquito infested rubber. In the mids of this Simon was waiting for Helen sat on a blue barrel. Heading up the "hill of defeat" there were numerous hashers pausing for breath - they simply couldn't make it up the steep slope without a break.

However upon finishing the climb, which brought us 200m above the start point in the distance from 1km to 1.5km (a 30 degree slope on average - which some were doing on hands and knees) we were rewarded with a flat run through bamboo groves, followed by a steep descent traversing more bamboo - back down another 100m in the 1.5-2km part of the run. Highlight of this descent was Charles pulling a loose bamboo out and hitting Rose on the head with it.
Steep slope down and traversed on my bamboo

At 2k we were out of the bamboo and enjoying a nice run along a ridge through an orchard from 2k to 3k. There was another check at 3k but quickly broken (in fact there were 8 checks, all easy) - slowed down the front runners slightly but the mid-pack never caught up.

This, like last week, was a run with a view - open paths along the sides of valleys with spectacular views of the forest and small hamlets. The air was so clear that details of trees across the valley could be picked out.

At 3k there was another steep 100m-in-500m descent and at the bottom a rather swampy stream. A foot in the wrong pace sank deeply with risk of losing a shoe. The trick was to stand on the numerous bits of bamboo and other vegetation in the stream.

Around 3.7k it seemed the hare was following his compass rather than a logical route as we cut straight through bamboo; at 4k there was gunfire - perhaps the fate of the smelly boar we saw at the start.

Not long after this, Simon was magically ahead again, sitting on the ground directing people to turn right by a small house. He must have done a major short cut to manage that.

Around here there was a very easy short cut as the main run did a big loop; some were able to save 500m by taking a 10m path.

Further along Roger Blackshaw, back from running with the Joburg hash, was sauntering along with his wife Chin. They can't even make it on time once a year, and were walking the route backwards. He ran into Grand Master and his lady friends, and asked them if they were front runners, which got him a charge in the circle for asking such a stupid question. Although in a sense they were, having done a mega short cut.

Around 5.5k we had another climb up, then down and back to the site. The run was only 6.75k but with all the ups and downs the front runner, Lawrence Renshaw, got in at 6.01, followed by the Mullises.

Although not the hottest of days humidity was low so very thirst inducing; the beer wagon (Ramli has a new white body on his van) was a welcome sight.

For some reason Alvin Cha decided to drive Virginia's car past the beer wagon and managed to crush the key box. Luckily no keys were crushed but he certainly deserved (and got) a charge for that. Virginia offered to buy a new box as apparently she asked Alvin to drive her car.

Other highights of the run included Daniel having a fainting fit, a small leech bite on Aileen's shoulder, and general amazement that Nai Kwong had set a sensible run.

Charges in the circle included Ted Parslow - who was apparently sniffing asses to train his dog, and Frank who was noticed by Maria biting her bum.
Visitors included a set of people who the GM brought from Sunderland, Gary, Pat, Ben and Rachel (Mrs Ben, not from S). Also Veron from Mont Kiara stunned the GM by jumping off the boxes after the singing and getting all the visitors to Yum Seng instead of down down down.

The rest of the circle was nondescript apart from Lawrence deservedly receiving a second charge for failing to call a check until everyone had run down the hill past the check, and Hugh and Win Chew passing out garlic nuts which in Lawrence's view was enough to cause people to pass out.

Right at the end of the circle Dennis came in at 7.30pm; Yogi was hot on his heels around 7.45 and the last runner in.

On on was at the Ulu Langat beer garden and the run was awarded a T-shirt - well done to the hares!

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