April 23, 2016

Run 2041 - 23 Apr 2016

Venue: Denai Alam
Scribe: Gary Waring

St George's Day Run

Well, what a week it has been in the run up to the St Georges Day run. Most importantly it was our Queens 90th birthday, God bless her and glad to say that she is still as sprightly as Hugh Murray himself, who is setting the run today. Barack Obama was in England for The Queen's birthday, emphasising the 'special relationship' between England and America. This appeared to be mirrored in the run with Hugh choosing Jimmy Legget as his co-hare. With over three hundred years of Hashing experience between them, this is sure to be a run without any stuff ups. Noticed Barack was also putting his oar in, about England's membership of the European Union.
What St George would have thought of all this, lord knows; but to hazard a guess, believe he would have been quite open to the idea of the European union, ruled and governed from England of course. I know he would have been very proud on the Queens 90th birthday, being the Patron Saint and protector of the Royal Family. As to the 'special relationship' between England and America, he would have been very confused, coming from a time when the world was flat.
Anyway, back to the run with the 'special relationship' between Hugh and Jimmy, in the Plantation at Denai Alam. Usual announcements at the beginning of the run and was advised of the drinks stop to look forward to, somewhere towards the end of the run. Off everyone eagerly went following like sheep, climbing over a barbed wire fence, before 'Mother sheep' (Hugh) guided them to the opening at the left hand side. I started at the back and pretty much remained there. Nice enough oil palm plantation with some pretty parts; some sloped parts and was advised by the 'former GM' (who is currently convalescing), of a hill. Think I may have missed the hill, or just dismissed it as another sloped part. Or, more likely my mind was focused on the eagerly awaited drinks stop, hoping for that 'livener' to perk me up and make me sprint towards the finish. But then, all of a sudden, we were back at the run site. Bugger, must have missed it, I thought; until I was greeted with a gin and tonic.
Normal shenanigans at the circle, with a song for the English and the normal dig at the French for refusing to speak our great language. Unfortunately, had to leave early and missed the 'On On', with fiery meat balls, from the food truck.
Thanks to Hugh and Jimmy for the lovely run around 7.5 Km and total ascent of 625 Feet (if that means anything). Hugh with the 'special relationship' is now off to America. Teaching the Americans how to build railways; although, I thought they would have had this 'off pat' by now. Still gratifying that they need an Englishman, to point them in the right direction.
Finally, good luck to Hugh, Win Chew and Megan.

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April 02, 2016

Run 2038 - 02 April 2016

Venue: Kiaramas Ayuria Condo Carpark, Jalan Desa Kiara
Scribe: Dan Percival

I was late to the runsite so can't really write on how the AGM went. I imagine there was the usual unrealistic campaign speeches, ballot fighting with lots of beer and insults thrown about by opposing parties, some fisticuffs until a victor finally emerged. The victor then quickly formed a committee with some of his/her cronies who would go to enjoy the good life for a year and stuff their Panama accounts with ill-gotten gains. It might have happened that way. Or not.

Our GM for this year is Aileen Dee. Congrats.

Anyway the run started on the top of the rise near the end of the road and went down into a very nice valley with a small stream. Being late, I heard some calling up the hill left so I made a shortcut on a trail left that led to somebody's house and through his bathroom and out back along the stream. Came head-on to some hashers coming the opposite way on the trail so at least did catch up, the trail then going up the hill into rubber. I had quite forgotten how beautiful these trails on Mt. Kiara are. I was soon left by myself to wander this wonderful trail after the fit buggers I'd earlier met had all run off into the distance. Much later, I was joined by a fellow member of the non-fit section, Graham Woods, who, though struggling, was keen to show me the map of the area complete with terrain on his phone and the possibilities of a shortcut spoilt only by the fact that he didn't quite know where the fence was. Ah well, onwards on paper then, up a steep bulldozed trail where we came upon Rita shepherding Azman's kid. Passing her, I kept on paper as it climbed back into the vegetation. Thanks to Woodsie, I was aware that home was down the hill somewhere on the left and was focusing my attention in that direction. I was not surprised then that at some point, looking through the brush, I could actually see hashes running in the opposite direction so a quick shortcut brought me back into the middle of the pack. I decided to go back to Rita and tell her of this great shortcut but all my calling was not successful. (It came as a surprise therefore when I got to the runsite to see Rita already back there before me. One of the mysteries of life best left unresolved). Anyway it was back down the hill with the pack to the runsite. Nice and simple. Woodsie with his GPS came back quite a bit later after me!

Circle with Aileen was boisterous. Usual work with the yard glass of beer for the outgoing and incoming committee. Lot of other charges, most involving the Langkawi celebrations of Dave Settegren the weekend before. I almost fainted with laughter at Paul Kirkman's charge of Nan and Air Asia complete with actual incident report filed by the AirAsia staff. Lots of alcohol make for the funniest stories.

On-on was at the Mullis residence nearby. Good food, can't remember much of the proceedings except it was a very good night. Had to leave when I heard lightning (I came with my bike). As with all things in life, it poured on me just on leaving the house and it was dry as a bone when I neared home. Sigh.

PS Sorry for bring up the preceding run that I had set..

The Pros and Cons of having Abraham as a co-hare.
Pros: Boundless energy, able to set all the falsies, clear trail, brings extra paper so when the official paper runs out can still set trail, able to outrun front runner back to runsite, takes care of all the official hare duties like check runners list while hare is passed out on floor of runsite.
Cons: Wants to make run twice as long as the hare intended.

The Pros and Cons of having Candy as a co-hare.
Pros: Good timekeeper, ability to exert some influence on Abraham, good at finding stuff that I dropped and lost as I was doing all those jungle reccees.
Cons: Inability to repeat stunning sprint for home to beat front runner as last seen in Ted's run

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