January 23, 2017

Run 2079 - 14 January 2017

Venue: Bandar Sunway (Seminyih)
Scribe: Candy Harjeet

Hare: John (Hash Flash) Castleman
Co-Hare: Jo Yoong, Richard, Nazli

It's a new area for Petaling as we have not run at this site before but other hash chapters have done so. There was traffic heading to the run site but managed to get there on time. There was a large crowd for the run. The JM Paul K made the usual announcements for newcomers to follow and advised FROPs not to spoil the run and not to repeat what took place during my run the previous week where the FROP'S ran past the paper without even looking where the checks were and missed a big hill and that brought the hashers home earlier than expected. Wankers! and STOP complaining it was a short run because you made it that way if you did not finish the trail. The ONLY hasher that completed the run and went on the big hill was Wolfgang and he did not complain.
Continuing on John's run. The run started at 4.30pm and there was a short run approximately 5+km or so and the normal run approx 9+km. The weather was hot but then it was cloudy and it was good as there was some open field and it could have been really hot if there was no shade especially walking by the quarry and construction area. The run started and headed into a climb up the terraces and cliffs to the Palm area. It was a pleasant trail reminding me of my run. Thanks John.
After 3km the sign for the short and long run was posted so the hashers could decide which run they wanted to do. I took the short run as I was recovering from a flu that was passed down from a hasher and did not want to take the risk in coming out on a stretcher.
The checks were good and kept the pack together at the beginning. At this point the pack split into two directions. The main pack disappeared into the jungle. Since the hare had informed us on what to expect on the long run as there was a big hill most of them opted for the short run but not the FROP's.
For the short run there were some little hills to climb but nothing difficult and a nice scenic run/walk.
On the long run the hashers had to climb up a steep embankment and I was told that many suffered to climb that hill. The run took us through animal's trails and road access and through a scenic run. Back checks that were easily broken as they continued straight from the foregoing, incoming trail, each time trapping the FROPs who were made to back-pedal. However, the back-checks and undulating trails proved every effective in keeping the pack together.

The short runners came in on an hour. Dark clouds were forming and just as the front runners were coming back at 6 pm, it stared to pour and it was like the heavens just opened up. Strong wind and rain was just too difficult to have the circle and we adjourned to the restaurant for the On-On.
At the On-On we had 9 full tables of hungry hashers. The JM said there were 27 charges by the bomoh who was Rob Mullies but all of them left before the on-on and so weren't done. There was something about Mike A getting struck by lightning and he came out late and the hare had to wait at the run site.
He made it out and all were at the on-on waiting for the food to be served
Good food and the run were judged a T-shirt run.
Thank you John for a nice evening: run, food and on-on. And also the nice pictures that you have managed to capture for your run . All in all, a very enjoyable evening with thanks to the hares.


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January 11, 2017

Run 2077 - 31 December 2016

Venue: Mont Kiara
Scribe: Keith (KGB) Burnley

Hare: Liz Mulliss
Co-Hare: Robert Mulliss

This is the scribe report for the new year's eve run that was probably on December the 31st. It shall be short and sweet, just like the run or, at least, the run that I did. We arrived at the car park which was a road that we parked on because nobody could afford the RM 300 for the actual car park. The run started and then stopped again at a bottleneck where Jimmy Legget was mumbling something about taking the other trail which was the obvious home trail. Down the hill and a sharp right for most of the pack except for those of us who just carried straight on to find the paper and a check about 500 metres farther on. I checked forwards to the end of the track so I just kept going up the hill until I found a trail with lots of bits of paper on it. By this time it was nice and quiet without hose noisy hashers shouting all around the forest. They just don't seem to repect the peace and tranquility of the forest except for Frank who respects it so much that he never makes a sound.
By 6:30 I was at the split for the short cut. I was not wearing an orange robe, I did not have a girl to hold my hand, I do not think that I am pregnant despite all the rumours, and I was not bent over using a walking stick. Therefore I must have been Lain-Lain, whatever they are, and went that way thereby arriving at the car park on the hour mark.
It seemed that the hares had not paid the Bomo because for the entire circle it rained heavily during which there were charges made which may have been real or imagined and beers drunk.
The on-on was at Robert and Liz's place with good food and plenty to drink. The M.C. Paul Kirkman then presented a few more, probably fabricated, charges which have a mandatory guilty verdict culminating in bubbly at 12 a.m. Some hardy souls visited the Backyard for an lsatone and then went home, or didn't in my case.
Thanks to Robert and Liz for a well set run and an excellent New Year's Eve afterwards.

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